iPhone XS review

The iPhone XS is easily the best iPhone Apple’s ever made – it’s got the fastest processor, top screen and least bezel out there. The only difference between the smaller XS and larger XS Max is the screen size and battery life, so it’s nice that the difference between the two is minimal.

It’s difficult to deliver a proper verdict on the iPhone XS, because it’s not much of an upgrade at all over the iPhone X, so usually we’d recommend going for the older model.

In this case Apple’s decided to take the iPhone X off the market, so if you want a top-end iPhone you’ll need to pay the high cost of the XS or wait to see how the iPhone XR performs, with its lower cost and lower spec list.

The chances are you’re thinking of upgrading to the iPhone XS from an older iPhone, in which case we’d say: absolutely do it, as long as you can afford it. As an investment in day-to-day life, it’s worth a little extra as the improved screen quality, the better speakers and longer battery life will be of real use.

The camera will wow anybody using anything older than an iPhone 7 for sure, and the portrait mode is really nice when you play around with the effects a little.

Who’s it for?

The iPhone XS is for those that want a fast, powerful and impressive smartphone – not just Apple lovers.

Were the iPhone X still on sale we’d mark the iPhone XS down a little, but as it’s the only premium handset from Apple on the market (alongside the similar iPhone XS Max) it has to be compared to the best around – and it stands up pretty well.

It’s the most powerful smartphone we’ve tested, has a comparable camera and a top-end screen – battery life could be improved, sure, and that may be the thing that irks Android users the most, or possibly the lack of headphone jack and adaptor in the box.

However, if you’re after the ease of use the iPhone offers, want the best on the market and are prepared to pay a little more for the privilege, then we definitely recommend the iPhone XS for the job.

Should I buy it?

Ooh, now here’s the hard question. If the iPhone XR didn’t exist, we’d suggest that you go out and get the iPhone XS as the cost doesn’t really plummet that much over the course of the year – so if you can afford it now, then go for it.

However, the iPhone XR offers a lot of similar features: large display, A12 Bionic chipset, iOS 12, TrueDepth camera on the front – and it’s much cheaper (without still being that cheap).

If you just want a good and powerful iPhone, the sleekest you’ll be able to buy this year, then go for the new iPhone XS (or think about boosting up to the iPhone XS Max).

But just make sure it’s in your price range first.