PlayStation VR review

PlayStation VR is inspiring. As a whole it’s incredible, even if there are some hang ups here and there. After trying it for yourself you’ll want to experience something like BioShock Infinite or GTA V in VR, and the first few demos and games will give you a little sneak peek of what every game could be like five years from now.

PlayStation VR is an affordable introduction to quality VR – “quality” being the operative word there. Many of the experiences aren’t as crisp or as immersive as the ones found on Oculus and Vive but, for a system that uses a PS4 instead of an expensive gaming rig, I’m not complaining.

With the potential for prior ownership of some necessary components, Sony is probably making the right move by reducing the cost for those who already own the Move and Camera peripherals, but for those who show up expecting to pay $400 / €399 / £349 / AUD$549 might not appreciate the fine print of potential extra expenses outside of the bundles.

The other irksome aspect is the hole near the bridge of the unit that lets light into the screen. You might not have ever gotten completely lost in the virtual world even if it had been an airtight seal, but there’s no quicker way to feel less immersed than looking down and seeing your living room floor.

But these are minor faux pas and aren’t worth getting too upset about. PlayStation VR is so far a surprisingly good product, easily in the top three headsets made thus far (and probably squeezing into the top two when you factor in price).

Whether you decide on the PlayStation VR over Oculus or HTC should likely come down to the following – your budget, your platform of preference and the amount of real-world living space you’re willing to sacrifice to play semi-realistic video games in virtual reality.

If you already own a PS4, PSVR is the most logical and affordable option. It offers hand tracking through the Move motion controllers, a decent library of games right out of the gate and an unbeatable price tag.

That being said, if you have a lot of extra room and are looking for an even more immersive experience where money’s no object, I recommend forgoing PSVR for an HTC Vive, if only because of the room-scale immersion and slightly higher-fidelity graphics on a high-end PC.

Lastly, if you’ve got the PC already but are limited on space and would have to buy both a PS4 and PlayStation VR in order to embark on this VR venture, I’d recommend choosing Oculus.