Samsung NU7100 (UE49NU7100) review

As the manufacturer behind one-third of the TVs shipped worldwide, it’s statistically likely that you’re going to be buying a Samsung TV over any other brand – and the Samsung NU7100 (or NU7120 in the UK) is a good example of why.

The NU7100 offers 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) on a budget. It sits at the bottom of Samsung’s 4K UHD range, below the Samsung NU8000, carrying broadly the same specs as the Samsung NU7300, just without the curved screen.

The UE49NU7100 retails at £479 (AU$1,299), although you can source it for as low as £388 at the time of writing (from Amazon). Although the 49-inch model reviewed here isn’t available in the US, there’s a comparable 50-inch that sells for $449.

For the price there are inevitably some corners cut, but if you’re after a sub-$500 television you could do a lot worse. Read on to find out why.

Other panels to consider

The Samsung NU7100 is competitively priced, and with a fantastic picture for the sub-$500 market. If you’re angling for a curved display, though, the NU7300 has pretty identical specs, and may tempt you away.

Elsewhere, the Philips PUS6753 offers a class-leading 4K picture with Philips’ lively Ambilight technology, which projects on-screen colors onto the wall behind – it’s a touch more expensive at £549 (again, UK-only), but well worth the investment.


The Samsung NU7100 treads the line between its budget credentials and 4K HDR specs impressively, offering a sharp and smooth picture that leverages its basic HDR capabilities to great effect. Its smart TV platform is easy to use too, even without Bixby voice commands, and Samsung’s budget 4K set manages to deliver a fine all-around experience for a very affordable price.

If you want true HDR, you’ll have to invest in something more pricey. But if you’re looking for a cheap, capable 4K set with a wide color gamut, the NU7100 is simply one of the best sub-$500/£500 sets you can buy today.