Samsung NU8000 (UN55NU8000, UE55NU8000) review

Everyone loves a high-end TV, but if that’s a bit too far out of reach financially, the Samsung NU8000 is a great mid-range screen that sports an affordable price tag.

To that end, the Samsung NU8000 Series is bright, colorful and comes stocked with the latest version of Samsung’s TV OS. It’s great for gaming thanks its wonderfully low input lag, and is capable of breathtaking HDR images.

But there’s a problem. Two, in fact. The first is that the Samsung NU8000 is an edge-lit LED-LCD panel. It’s not full array, and that means its control over where light goes isn’t flawless. The second is that its motion settings can be tricky to configure. At full effect, you might be subject to the soap opera effect but, turn them off, and you might get motion artifacting. There’s a happy medium in the advanced settings, but ultimately these issues are what stops this screen from winning the midsize war.

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The NU8000’s overall score depends which screen size you’re after: At $1,100 for a 55-inch TV and $1,699 for a 65-inch screen (£1,399/AU$2,499 and £1,999/AU$3,599, respectively), it’s hard to give the NU8000 a glowing recommendation. The best deal, in our opinion is the 49-inch model, which comes in at just $899/£1,199.

What’s good here is that Samsung has made a colorful, competent mid-range set – it does decent upscaling with some help from HDR+ Mode, Tizen with Bixby is one of the best operating systems on the market and Game Mode is truly useful for that audience. But unfortunately, all that being said, its many downsides keep the NU8000 from becoming a truly stand-out TV in an increasingly crowded section.