Sony Xperia L3 review

There are some devices shown off at MWC that are headline grabbers, doing the big things and pulling in attention. Then there are the lower-range devices, using older technology to hit a lower price point, that many people will probably buy instead. That’s where the Sony Xperia L3 fits in.

The predecessor, the Sony Xperia L2, was a pretty underwhelming device, but there are some key changes to the Xperia L3 that might see it avoid being given a similar rough time.

Sony Xperia L3 release date and price

In traditional Sony fashion, we don’t have a launch date for this phone, or a price at the moment. However, we’d give an educated guess at April for a release, give or take a month, and it should land for a similar cost to the L2 given the technology inside.

That means we should see the L3 retailing for around £200 / $249 (AU$350) thanks to some specs not being hugely upgraded.

Design and screen

The first thing you’ll notice when picking up the Sony Xperia L3 is just how light it is in the hand. At 153g, it’s certainly packing a lot fewer innards than the flagship phones on offer at MWC 2019, and the new, rounded edges feel pleasant in the palm.

All the keys are on the right-hand side of the phone, with the volume buttons oddly placed below the indented fingerprint scanner in the middle. This is placed nicely and allows your thumb to fall on it naturally.

Above that is the small power key, and although they’re oddly placed, all buttons sit nicely in the right space on the phone.

The Xperia L3 is also landing with a headphone jack and USB-C connector, which will please those looking to listen to tunes with wires (the audio quality from the music player is still pretty decent, if a little tinny on the inbuilt speaker) as well as wanting a faster charging scenario.