Surgical Strikes 2.0 It’s On An Another Level

Surgical Strikes 2.0 will be remembered forever as one of the biggest achievement of India. Why is it different from Surgical Strikes conducted in the past?

For the first time since many decades India took the fight deep into the Pakistan territory. Until now, The focus was only on the infiltration of terrorists across the Line of Control. India hasn’t crossed the LoC to target terror camp after 1971 war against Pakistan. Our Jets hadn’t crossed LoC even during the 1999 Kargil War.

In these Air Strikes carried out in Pakistan territory, Around 300 Terrorists were believed to have been killed at once.

Indian Air Force Jets got into Pakistan Territory and eliminated terror camps. This attack came within a week after Pak Army Spokesperson Maj Gen Ghafoor told: ‘Pakistan Armed Forces will never be surprised by you. I can assure you that we shall surprise you’.

From now, Pakistan Rulers will keep in mind that India can carry out such surgical strikes again depending on the situation.